Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My Pink Pet Peeve

One of my favorite websites about women and politics is called Elect Women. It is run by a feisty women named Kathy Groob who once ran for Senator in Kentucky and has a great book called Pink Politics.

That's what makes me crabby. The whole site is pink, pink pink, and a Pepto Bismol  pink at that.  Why?

Why are women pink? It's like the pink booties and the blue booties.  Women are no color and all colors. And why, Kathy, have a red, white and blue high heel shoe as an illustration on your home page?

I know women have to work harder and still be seen as "feminine" to make it in politics, or they used to.  Now, the trend is changing. Women are taken seriously. Yes, when women run, they do win.  It's getting them to run in the first place that's hard.  The perception is they'll be eaten alive. And politics is a contact sport, no doubt about it.

So forget the high heels, and pink suits.  Get out your running shoes and wear any color you like.  OK, I've had my rant. Now read the site. It's got excellent advice, is up to date and pulls no punches (I even have several articles published there, myself.)

Just think about losing the pink, please!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Interview with Matt Connerton Unleashed

So, the Campaign Slut got a chance to be live on a we broadcast from Manchester New Hampshire, Saturday night.  A fellow named Matt Connerton talks politics with guests, and plays some heavy metal rock while he's at it. I have to give him credit; he does his homework. He knew about our work and the politics of the great state of California.  Unfortunately, the phone feed was poor, so I sound like I'm down the well, waiting for Lassie, or talking over a string and tin can contraption. Maybe I'll figure out a Google methodology for transcribing the whole thing.

They seem to be taking over the world, so surely they can do that. They do it with phone messages, anyway.

We talked about working with progressive Dems, the budget problems, how fun was Schwarzenegger? (not so much actually, especially if you were Maria Shriver), and then someone in the chat room asked about North Korea. if I had the answer to that, I'd be a Presidential adviser, with a much better pay scale and more benefits!

Oh, yeah, negative campaigning.  I explained my rules: Keep it fair, relevant, honest and document everything. You're running against an incumbent? Well, you better be prepare to tell the voters why to fire him/her and hire you. And humor. Using humor gets you farther than nasty sniping. Try it. It works.

It was fun, and I am always open to more conversations on campaigning.  Here is the link. Look for the broadcast from 5/4/13. And That's moi!