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A campaign mailer for Steve Burdo mentions the Larkspur City Council on one side, San Anselmo...

A candidate for San Anselmo Town Council who works as a campaign consultant sent out a mailer last week that accidentally read: "Please join us in supporting Steve Burdo for Larkspur City Council."

Burdo, who works as a public affairs consultant with Kathleen Russell Consulting, is one of three candidates competing in Tuesday's election to fill the two-year opening on the San Anselmo Town Council. The other two candidates are Doug Kelly, who sells computerized point-of-sale systems, and Matt Brown, owner of Meridian Commercial, a real estate brokerage.

Burdo said the mailer error occurred because the printer neglected to send him a proof of the design before printing and mailing it.

"The protocol for printing is that they put it in on the press, they develop a proof and then they email you the proof for approval, and you say thumbs up or thumbs down," Burdo said. "That never happened in this case."

Burdo said he wanted the mailer to go out as soon as possible so the printer was rushing to finish the job. Burdo, who worked on the campaign of San Anselmo Councilman Ford Greene, said he has never had a mistake like this occur with a client.

"It's very ironic that it happens during mine," he said.

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