Thursday, April 6, 2017

Going Nuclear

It's not a nuclear war, yet. But it is the "nuclear option" deployed by Mitch McConnell and the republican Senate. This means taking away the 60 % majority needed to confirm a Supreme Court justice. I'm surprised at how easy it was. Two votes, and that's it. Hello Neil Gorsuch. Goodbye Constitution. Or so it looks.

Hang in there Notorious RBG!

Being a Democrat is tough these days. Not only because of these kinds of machinations by the Republicans and worse by the Orange One. But the divisiveness among my own Party is embarrassing. Time to get over the last election. Time stop petty bickering and time to strategize. For reals. It's only a little more than a year until June 2018 and the midterm primaries when we have a crack at the entire House of Representatives. Can we not fight about how pure someone is? And just try to get some more Democrats elected? Or will we always be the circular firing squad that can't shoot straight.

At least the Republicans seem to be even crazier, but a scary dangerous kind of crazy. One that might go nuclear for real.