Thursday, August 8, 2013

What all Voters Want to Know

The number one question all candidates must be able to answer is: "What will you do for me?"

This not likely to be the question the candidate is asked. And not the one most consultants tell you to be prepared for. You will hear "why are you running?" And you will be told not to say "Because it's a good time for me" or "because I want to move on to a new level of participation" or even (and most common), "because I want to give back to the community."

No, anyone who asks why you are running wants to know what your election is going to mean for him, that particular voter, how will voting for you make her life better, her taxes lower, her job prospects improved, her safety enhanced. 

And that's what you should be able to answer in thirty second or less.  

Some call it an "elevator speech" - how you can explain your campaign in the time you would spend riding in an elevator with a complete stranger.

So, why are you running?  And how will your election improve the lives of your constituents? Get ready with those elevator speeches early, practice them often, and make them sound, and be, sincere. The voters can spot a phony, and these days, they are ever more vigilant.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

More Wendy Davis less Google Glass

Wendy Davis put on her running shoes and took to the floor of the Texas legislature to stop the Senate from passing tough new restrictions on abortion. This gutsy woman stood on her feet for 11 hours until it was too late to vote. The vote failed that night, but sneaky snarky Rick Perry called a special session just to get his way, thwart women's rights and (quite possibly) launch his Presidential bid as an uber conservative.

Wendy is making the circuit, a national heroine to women throughout the country.  Naturally her YouTube portrayal went viral and fundraising picked up for women's rights groups. That's the right kind of social media.

Immersing yourself in the inter-webs and hoping for the best is not. Why would anyone watch your screed on YouTube if they can see tangoing dogs and Anthony Weiner's weiner ? (you didn't seriously think I was going to show it here did you?

Publicity has to come to you because you stand for something and do something about it.  Wendy Davis for Governor of Texas, then who knows. Texas hasn't had a Democratic Governor in umpty years, and if memory serves, the last one was a feisty broad named Ann Richards, whose daughter Cecile is now the national head of Planned Parenthood, another target for mean Republicans everywhere.

Monday, August 5, 2013

When Progressive Women Run, We all Win

Do you vote for the woman no matter what? No, says the Campaign Slut.  But given all druthers, we'll take woman. Our druthers are that they be pro-choice (a no-brainer), progressive in other ways, pro-woman, pro-Universal health care, anti-big bank, pro-credit union, pro-organic food, anti-fracking, nukes and big oil. Say no to big pharma, agribiz, believe believe believe in global warming and do something about it; education not warfare.
Oh, your typical liberal, one with guts, spine or whatever you want to call it so long as it's not "balls."

So, let's all be looking for some progressive female candidates when there is an opening in a State or local office, or even when there isn't.  A strong progressive woman can take out some wussy conservative dude any time, if she's got her slut on and her team behind her!