Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Tongue Licking on the Campaign Trail - Inside Rand Paul

And now something completely different, and a word of advice to all campaigns. Don't do what Rand Paul's campaign did when they found a "tracker" from American Bridge , a watchdog group who keeps an eye on Republican shenanigans, in their midst. Now, they're all over the interwebs and it ain't pretty!

Thanks for this sneak peek, Campaign Sick. Recipe for what to do with that tongue below.

Rand Paul's Campaign is Licking the Competition.....Literally

In the video above Rand Paul's New Hampshire Political Director, David Chesley, LICKS the camera of an American Bridge tracker. I don't really know what to say because the absurdity of this story speaks for itself. Here are some thoughts:

1) From a campaign staff perspective, this is pretty funny. Having and being a tracker is an awkward situation, and nothing cuts tension like licking something.

2) If you are the kind of person who thinks Rand Paul is a good decision, I guess it is not that surprising that you also think licking strange recording equipment is.

3) The irony is that without the camera lick, this tracker probably would have gotten nothing from this meeting. As it stands, this video is all over my Facebook feed.

So moral of the story, unlike in real life, as a campaign staffer it's not usually a good idea to do something just because you think it's funny.
(Nancy Leeds [Campaign Sick author] is a writer and Democratic Campaign Operative who recently earned her MPA in Social Policy and Management at Columbia University. Sometimes people hire her to work on their non-profits and campaigns. When that happens, these opinions are still hers and do not reflect those of her candidates)