Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Election Day

Today is Election Day in several states, chief among them California.  Do not stay home because your TV says Clinton has locked up the nomination. Remember this simple truth. Super Delegates do not vote until the Democratic National Convention in July. They may have pledged to vote for Hillary, but some of them may change their mind. They are allowed to. They are actually considered Unpledged delegates until the Convention. If their States vote for Bernie, they may go with their constituents.

In any event, there are other important races on your ballot. Read it. See if there are Supervisor or County Commissioner races; City Council or School Board seats; How about judges, special districts?

Are there ballot initiatives for bonds, advisory measures? All those are important. They may determine the future of your County, City or Town. Your State. In California, we have important primary races for State Senators and Assembly people. We have a primary in the all important election to replace our wonderful retiring Senator Barbara Boxer. Big shoes to fill. You deserve a say.

Whoever you are supporting, get out there and vote for them. Do it now. The lines are long.
Any by the way, if you are a No Party Preference vote-by-mail voter, and have not turned in your ballot yet, and want to vote in the Democratic Primary, you can still do so. Ask for a Democratic ballot at your local polling place, and relinquish your mail in ballot.