Friday, January 27, 2017

Poem for These Times

And now for a little culture:

When I Hear Trump

When Trump says “carnage” I think “martial law”

When he says “millions of illegal votes cast” I think “mass deportations”

When his spokesperson says “alternative facts” I think “propaganda, lies, Nazi Germany”

When he says “My crowd is bigger than your crowd” I think  “schoolyard bully”

When he cuts off funding for abortions for poor women I think coat hangers, back alleys, barefoot  and pregnant.

When he says “Let’s build the wall” I hear Ronald Reagan saying “Tear down that wall!”

When he says build that pipeline I see bodies lined up end to end, border to border.

When I hear people say “Let’s give him a chance” I think of frogs slowly simmering in rising water, until the time of their devouring 

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Women (and men) marching together

Call it a rally against the Orange scourge, or against tyranny, or misogyny or racism or for women's rights, human rights, the environment. Everyone had their own cause, and they all go together.

I wore my resistance button from 1969.
The omega for the ohm, the symbol of electrical resistance that symbolized the Resistance in those days, to the War in Vietnam, to the war at home. I did not wear a pink pussy hat. But there were plenty of those in evidence.

Here are some pictures. Were you there?

Our Marin Women's PAC group

What to eat on a march in the rain: energy bars, chocolate with berries, nuts, and apres march? A quick stop at the pub for some pinot noir and potstickers. Yum!