Saturday, June 15, 2013

N.S.A. Spying Extends to Women's Wombs

In late breaking news, the N.S.A. revealed that it's surveillance technology had so advanced in recent months, that it is now capable of spying directly into women's wombs.

"We have the ability to do remote ultra-senstive sonograms," said an anonymous source deep within the Agency.

"We do not have to wait weeks to see if someone is pregnant or not," the source continued from a remote undisclosed location by secure cell phone transmission. "We can track the moment of conception, and that woman can be immediately marked by laser (painlessly of course) with a red P for pregnant, to alert all of her status."

"Then are in a prime position to get the government to ban all abortions.  And that pesky Plan B pill and all the other plans now being tested in shady laboratories by unsavory baby-killing doctors."
When asked why the N.S.A. cares about women and their bodies, the unnamed source retorted: "We are in the business of saving American lives, plain and simple."  Follow up questions were unanswered as a strange buzzing noise filled our reporter's ear, and the interview was over.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Tea Party IRS reviews instigated by Conservative Republican Manager, not Liberal Witch-hunters

So, in today's SF Chronicle, tucked in the back pages, a tiny article reveals that it was not the White House or Congressional Lefties, or even whistleblowing liberal IRS workers, who called attention to various Tea Party group's IRS filings that claimed the organizations were entitled to tax exempt status under section 501(c)(4) of the IRS Code, but a self-described conservative Republican manager in the IRS.

And remember, the Tea Party groups were a small portion of all the groups claiming the exemption who were subjected to review.  And come on, don't tell me that a group calling itself a Tea Party affiliate or having a similar moniker is not going to trigger some kind of second look when it checks the box saying it does not participate in political activities.  Liberal groups were subjected tot he same scrutiny, and as the Slut reported back in May, no Tea Party group was ever denied the exemption. (Although of course they should all have been denied).

The only group actually to have its exemption pulled was one that trained Democratic women to run for office.
As my late mother in law used to say when something made absolutely no sense, "So am I; let's have a cup of tea."