Sunday, December 29, 2013

The power of the Internet

Is the internet as awesome as it is perceived to be? Do Twitter hashtags make or break your campaign? And why do they make me think of hash fries? Or #hashfries. And what's the magic to get the random scroller to hone in on your message, your campaign? They go  by so fast. It seems to be the luck of the draw; as in who can get to their pistols first, in a metaphorical way of speaking.

Unless you are Obama maybe. Or the royal pooches. Comments on the power of Twitter and best practices fir the nascent campaign. Can we track "hits?"

Then there is the ever popular Facebook; every candidate must have a Facebook Page dedicated to the campaign. Never mind that half the "likes" are from trolls for other candidates, seeking to glean secrets.

Campaigns are gearing up now for the New Year. Last filing for 2013 is Dec. 31. What is the wisdom of waiting to collect those pledges until after the first? Stealth campaigns only go so far. But the surprise element is good. The old mother's milk is just as sweet. Go forth and raise money, you candidates.

Campaigning is not for sissies. All strategies are deployed. The idea is to get the opposition on his/her back, turtle like. Watch out that is not you. It's hard to right a flipped terrapin. Don't let them plop you into the soup. I digress. Campaign is a sport like the Hunger Games. Now there's a good name for a How To campaign book for the millennium