Friday, July 22, 2016

Make America One Again

Day 4. Make America One again   

One what? Number one
Instead of a real blog post, here are some of my ongoing Facebook posts and comments received. Feel free to add your own.

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Trump is channeling Hitler, Mussolini, and Atilla The Hun. With a little Nixon thrown in. I like the way he blames Lyndon Johnson now. Remember The Great Society? I don't think Johnson meant the same thing as Trump's Make America great again. Bring back the robber barons, that's what he might as well be saying. It was great for them.

While GOP nominee Donald Trump took to the podium at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, former Democratic candidate for president Sen. Bernie…

Judy Jessica-Sass
Judy Jessica-Sass 😂😂😂The pot calling the kettle black😂😂😂
Kay Karpus Walker
Kay Karpus Walker I'm glad you mentioned channeling but I got a different leader coming through for one crazy moment and that was Julius Caesar - definitely Roman and definitely an Emperor. This is the type of leader who appealed to the masses way before Hitler. That wa...See More

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Yes, blame Bush. Blame Cheney. Now blame Trump.

“Trump is wrong. The real cause of instability in the Middle East was the Bush-Cheney invasion of Iraq. By the way, where is President Bush?”

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Dotty LeMieux
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Now he claiming Sanders supporters will join him because of TPP. Do not fall for it! These people ARE the establishment. They ARE big business. They will not save us from it.
Jerilyn Stapleton Trump said he wants to get rid of NAFTA so he can bring in the much worseTPP
Rebecca Curry
Rebecca Curry this is a little beyond 'establishment' dotty
CJ Barker
CJ Barker Anyone who believes that this man means ANY populist thing he says is just delusional. He says whatever will rile people.

His business success- like that of far too many of the mega rich- is grounded in inherited wealth, bullying, cheating, lying, and legal intimidation of anyone who crosses him or complains. The idea that brining that approach to governing a nation will net any long term good is ludicrous.
Dotty LeMieux
Dotty LeMieux Great article in New The New Yorker by the man who ghost wrote "the Art of the Deal" for Trump and how he regrets it and is doing penance years later. He says if people think Trump will help them, they need to know he won't. He's all for himself. Period.
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Trump is throwing red meat raw meat to the lions, while Code Pink is hauled out of the hall. His code words of the night are "law and Order". Fear that.
Don St.Clair Fascism comes to America
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Sabine Jordan-Lott
Sabine Jordan-Lott As I keep saying, he sounds exactly like Hitler. Leave now while we still can. Dark days ahead for America. Took Germany nearly two decades to emerge from the darkness, and they are forever stained by what happened. I guess the unenlightened here in this country want the same to happen, cause its coming.
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Michelle Sura
Michelle Sura Oh, I think Americans love their freedom too much to have Trump's law and order.
Melanie Nathan
Melanie Nathan When I heard those words and order..... In the context of his personality lack of qualification and reprehensible anti minority platform .....I wanted to throw up. Our flag's stars are about to be replaced by swastistars!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Day Three of the Republican National Bloodfest

It was more Hillary bashing last night. Talk about blood coming out everywhere. Not to mention fire and brimstone. Chants of "Lock her up!" Echoed through the hall and someone even called for a firing squad.  As a staunch Bernie supporter, that is just so over the top.  Free speech is one thing, but that is shouting "Fire" in a crowded theater, throwing red meat to the lions.

Mike Pence was the least nasty, but with scary undertones. As Governor in Indiana he legalized discrimination against LGBT people, put tough regulations on abortion, likened Obamacare to 9/11 and other choice legislation (what was that kiss from the Trumpster?). Then were more loyal Trump children, the dutiful Stepford Family in full force, running Daddy's casinos, his golf course in Scotland (Brexit was really good for business Trump decreed, and that's all that counts to him) and a bunch of gold plated hotels.

"Lyin' Ted Cruz was the highlight of the show, urging people vote their conscience, prompting the faithful to boo and Trump to show up with the hook. (No kisses for you!)
Someone burned a flag outside the Convention Center, a protected activity by the way (it was the same guy who litigated and won that right in then Supreme Court some years back, by the way). You can imagine how popular that was with the crowd and the cops.

Oh yeah, the theme of the evening was Make America First again, first in what you might ask. We're already number one in people locked up. And we're number two in ignorance. Let's move that rank up kids! Trump has said he loves the poorly educated. So let's dumb down America some more. Do it for the Trumpster!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

On the Road to Philly -Cleveland, DayTwo

The theme of Day Two of the Republican  National Convention was "Make America work again".

Paul Ryan vowed to bring all offshore companies back home, tax them heavily and make them pay their workers a decent wage. "$15 an hour or bust" he shouted to the thunderous applause of the patriotic crowd.
Which Convention was this? Or is the W for "work?"
Or no, wait, That was in a dream I had. He really said something along the lines of  "Poor Americans deserve the right to a job like everybody else" Translation: "Get off your lazy asses and go to work," or "get a job you bums!"

Then it was back to business as usual, as Chris Christie held a mock trial of a Hillary Clinton in the court of (Re)public(an) opinion in which she was found guilty of every transgression from the death of Christ to the framing of Roger Rabbit.

Even the good Doctor, Ben Carson, called her the spawn of  the devil.

The Stepford children had their night in the limelight. Poor chipmunk faced Tiffany was nervous extolling the virtues of her kind, loving dad,and Donald Jr., who everyone in punditry agreed made the best speech of the evening, but I can't remember what he actually said,can you?

The Donald himself put in a cameo appearance with trademark squinty eyes and trumpet mushroom mouth, a scrap of his grandmother's musty old dead muskrat coat perched on his head, and said "You love me, you suckers."

Not sure which lines of tonight's speeches were plagiarized. Or whose songs were stolen. But we have two more days to go but predictions of a rousing stiff armed salute to lose out the proceedings are already popping up on the inter webs or will be when post this.

For tonight, drink a Moscow Mule or three and all will be well. Make America drunk again!

 From Esquire magazine:

The Moscow Mule is not, by the way, the first silly vodka drink. That distinction belongs to the Blue Monday, first printed in the English Savoy bar book in 1930. The BM, which appears to have been quite popular in Europe, mixes vodka with a splash of Cointreau, which is just a superior brand of triple sec or white curaçao, and blue food coloring. It's a simple step to premix the curaçao and the dye, yielding blue curaçao -- the first artificial liqueur (have you ever seen a blue-orange?).
Moscow Mule

Level: Easy


  • 1/2 oz. lime juice
  • 2 oz. vodka
  • 4-6 oz. ginger beer


  1. Squeeze lime juice into a Collins glass (or Moscow Mule mug) and drop in the spent shell.
  2. Add 2 or 3 ice cubes, then pour in the vodka and fill with cold ginger beer (not ginger ale, although what the hell).
  3. Serve with a stirring rod.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Side roads on the way to Philly

First stop - Cleveland and the Republican National Circus, er, convention. Day one - Make America Safe Again. I can sum this up in three words: Buy more guns.
OK, that was easy. Now for some highlights. Sad mom whose son was killed in Benghazi "It's all Hillary's fault." Poor woman, why subject her (the mom, Hillary can take it) to this public display of her grief and anger?
Then various veterans, including one who says he saw a movie that convinced him women were not cut out for the military followed by Joni Ernst, farmer's daughter from Iowa, who happens to be , wait for it, a military veteran and the first elected Federal official from her state. Also a big smile, and more Hillary blaming. Obama blaming too. Our veterans. We don't take care of them. It's shameful, blah blah. Yeah, we know that. George Bush started this mess that got them all sent into war in the first place, then left his wars unfunded for Obama. Fact check: Lack of VA funding not Obama's fault, delusional Republicans.

Next up, the lovely Stepford wife, Melania, whose speech was "inspired" by, wait for it, Michelle Obama's 2008 speech. Got it, inspired, not plagiarized. Oh, irony.

Oh yeah, there were floor fights. Someone wanted a roll call vote on the Rules, which would have allowed them not to vote for Trump. (Who would they have voted for?) At first nine states agreed with this, then only six. Gee, did Trump offer to buy them a casino or something? One of those wanting a roll call vote says she was "threatened" out in the hall, by some angry Trump women who said, "Die Bitch," words to that effect. (OK, she didn't say they used the B word, but they did tell her and her whole Utah delegation to die.)

And this was all just on Day One. Day Two, Make America Work Again, tonight. Let's see how many times the words "lazy bastards" come up, and your drinking game for tonight is the word "illegal" as in illegal immigrant, or maybe wetback; any variation will do.

Your drink? "Inspired" by Paul Clark from his tasty blog The Cocktail Chronicles, the aptly named:  Suffering Bastard 


  • Yield:makes 1 cocktail
  • Active time:3 minutes
  • Total time:3 minutes
  • Rated:
This recipe appears in:
Tiki Revival Hits its Stride with New Recipe Book 'Beachbum Berry Remixed'
I can't explain how I've managed to stay interested in mixology this long without ever getting around to mixing myself a drink as enticingly named as the Suffering Bastard. But when I was perusing Anvil's 100 Cocktails list, the Bastard stood out as one I had yet to cross off my list.

The drink's genesis can be traced to the Long Bar at the Shepheard Hotel in Cairo. As the story goes, in the late 1940s, the Shepheard's bar steward was Joe Scialom. One day in 1947, according to Esquire, Scialom was desperate for a hangover remedy and the Suffering Bar Steward (soon somewhat sloppily rechristened as the Suffering Bastard) was the result.

There are a number of recipes for the Suffering Bastard floating about. Some are merely Mai tai variations with extra rum, while some call for brandy instead of bourbon, and others for rum. Today's drink historians generally settle on bourbon as one of the two base spirits, along with a shot of gin. The drink is then leavened with the healing powers of lime juice and bitters (the lime juice can range anywhere from a teaspoon to an ounce) and lengthened with a good dose of ginger ale.

Since I'm just now crossing it off my list, I can't say if the Suffering Bastard lives up to its reputation as a hangover buster. I can say that on a lazy evening, with one of these in front of you, "suffering" is about the last word that comes to mind.