Sunday, January 5, 2014

Photo Shoot!

An important component of any campaign is the right pictures. You need a more or less formal portrait. You need pics with other people, family, supporters, other elected officials, community members.

Dogs are always good.
Will you provide free treats for all, if elected?

If you have a good photographer in the family, put them to work. If not, you will need to spend a little cash on a professional photographer and spend some time getting it just right.
We recently took a day going with the candidate to meet constituents, visit locations in her District and get some shots of her "On location."

It's sort of like being on a movie crew. I got to play photographer's assistant. A few pics below illustrate the tale of the photo shoot.
  Meeting constituents at a community event.

Posing with a high school sports team raising funds. We bought some lemonade to help the cause.
Mind if we take your picture with the candidate?
  Setting up the shoot.
Looking at what we got.