Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tight races all around

Why were there so many close races this Election Day? I personally had two that were cliffhangers until just a few days ago when the last absentee ballots were counted. Another local race won by  less than half a percent. In Petaluma the Mayor was re-elected with 88 votes and I just heard of another race in a district with more than 400,000 voters, where the victor won by 17 votes! That's almost too small to be measured.

And in Oregon a recount has started for Measure 92, an initiative to label genetically engineered foods. Stay tuned. The fat lady hasn't sung yet!

The simple reason is that so few people actually voted. The ones who did really were committed, and in many cases equally so on each side. But there is probably more. So, more to come.