Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Of Campaign Bros and Women who Go to Hell

There's a meme about these Bernie Bros, who insult Clinton supporters. Then there's the one about Bernie Girls (do we call them the Bernie Bras?) who only support the Bernster because they want to meet boys, presumably the Bros.

And of course the one about a special place in Hell for women who don't support women. That one rankles the most to me, as a second wave feminist, who actually marched and attended endless meetings, and struggled with building a sisterhood, and struggled with men who were either dismissive, rageful or scared of strong women.

We were definitely women who supported women, and we still are. But that does not mean we knee-jerk support any woman who comes along. It's easy when its a Sarah Palin or a Carly Fioina or a Michelle Bachman. But harder when it's a Hillary, who we know has had her own struggles with that horn-dog husband of hers and building her own career in his shadow, and a right successful one at that.

But she just isn't the progressive feminist we want. She is friends with Henry Kissinger fer Heaven's sakes! She is chummy with Wall Street banksters. And she still opposes the Glass Steagall Act which would keep the banks out of the investment business that led to all this greed and corruption and monetary crisis that rained down on the middle and working classes of this country in the first place.

So yes, I am a proud Woman for Bernie. I have yet to meet a "Bro" but I have met several thoughtful young men and women who remind me of me in my younger days. Idealistic, smart, and ready for a "political revolution."
They do not insult people, and they should not be insulted either. As for us old broads? I'm sure someone will start the meme that we just think Bernie's hot! So there.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Fund raising letters

Direct mail fund raising is one of the tools savvy candidates use. A short letter, on one page, if possible, with highlighted paragraphs of key issues and asking for the donation. There has to be a strong pitch or you don't get the dough.
A PS at the bottom catches the eye to promote an upcoming event, or just send the reader to the website.

The letters should ideally be mail merged from your excel spread sheet so they are personalized. You can do this yourself and stuff and stamp (a more personal touch for the smaller campaign, not to mention less expensive) or have a mailhouse do it for you.

Use a pre-printed no. ten envelope with your logo, and a union bug, or if you are really saving, use labels for the return address. Make sure a remit envelope with the union bug on it is on the inside, and if you are printing the letters on your home computer, put a disclaimer on the bottom, something like "printed in house by volunteers", "printed on pc by volunteers", or "labor donated," so people know you did this yourself.

Once the letters have been out about a week to your prospect list, start making follow up phone calls to the ones where no donation was sent in yet. This is the most crucial part of any campaign.

It's a one-two punch. First make the pitch. Then make the calls; it's the only way to actually collect the cash.
Then send a personal thank you note to the people who come through. They will be sure to donate more later.