Friday, May 24, 2013

Rethinking "Sex Offenses"

According to the definition of sex offender used in the Florida case of the young woman, Kaitlyn Hunt, having a consensual relationship with another young woman, my boyfriend when I was sixteen, would have been seen as sex offender.  He was a 19 year old college student, when I was in between my sophomore and junior years of high school.

He was a very kind, gentle young man. He never "took advantage" of me; in fact, we never did anything I didn't do the next year with a boy my own age. His friend, also a 19 year old college student, dated my friend from high school.

This did not seem wrong or in any way weird.

So imagine my shock when I read about the 18 year old girl now facing felony prosecution for having a 15 year old girlfriend. And the best her lawyer thinks she can do is get it reduced to a misdemeanor, which would at least spare the young woman the lifelong humiliation and loss of liberty of being labeled a sex offender.  Even that will force her on probation, into counseling and never to see her girlfriend again, at least until she turns 18 herself.

The latest news is she will not take the deal but will courageously fight the charges in court. Go Kaitlyn!

What nonsense! There is something wrong with a society that lumps consensual teenage relationships into the same category as rapists and pedophiles.  Let's be real.  Lots of young men and women have girl or boy friends younger than themselves. If the girl in question was 17, no problem, but crossing that mythical line into "adulthood" has made her into a predator. Never mind the relationship was consensual. Never mind her parents had no problems with it. (The other girl's parents did, and that's all it takes.)

Now a teenager is labeled a victim and another one is labeled a sex-offender. Wrong wrong wrong.

It should not be assumed just because you are under 18, you are powerless to control yourself and your body, that you are nothing but prey.  Last year you two could date and this year, you cannot.

The prosecutors in this case are hellbent for blood.   They seem to want to make an example of the 18 year old, a pariah of the 15 year old. Could their being two females have anything to do with it?

When we talk about sex offenders, let's get our priorities straight.  (Urinating in public can be seen as sex offense requiring registration.)

And all sex offenders, whether their crime involved children or not, are forced into exile, because they cannot live within some ridiculous distance from a school or playground.  That leaves many homeless, camping in the woods, moving to Montana with the cows (Watch out cows!)

In this case, a petition has been started through Change,org asking to free Kaitlyn.  There are currently 168,357 names on it and growing.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

How you can Run and Win your Race for Election - Women's Power Strategy Conference

The Women's Power Strategy Conference is coming right up! I am talking about running for office. How you can do it and win! Tips for women considering a run in the near future. Come on by. Full schedule here:
Saturday June 15th in Santa Rosa, California. My presentation is at 10 AM. Bring your questions and your concerns about running for office.  Strategies for winning your race. 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Train Democratic Women - Get Bumped by IRS

So the IRS just investigated the Tea Party, who - come on, we all know it - are dedicated to the overthrow and takedown of all things Democratic or not right of Atilla the Hun, and they actually deny non-profit status to a group of Democratic women in Maine, of all places, for training Democratic women.

Where's that story?

Right here, right now: (From

Meet the group the IRS actually denied: Democrats!

Although Tea Party applicants got unfair IRS scrutiny, only one known group had status revoked. They’re Democrats

    Meet the group the IRS actually denied: Democrats!Emerge America (Credit: Flickr)
    Everyone agrees that the IRS shouldn’t have targeted groups with “Tea Party” or “Patriot” in their names for special scrutiny in awarding tax-exempt status. NBC News reports two agents have been disciplined for doing so, and the Justice Department announced a criminal probe. But so far no one has identified a single conservative group that was denied status in the controversial review, though some faced bureaucratic hurdles and had their tax-exempt status delayed.

    In fact, the only known 501(c)(4) applicant to have its status denied happens to be a progressive group: the Maine chapter of Emerge America, which trains Democratic women to run for office. Although the group did no electoral work, and didn’t participate in independent expenditure campaign activity either, its partisan status apparently disqualified it from being categorized as working for the “common good.”

    Ironically, the national organization and its earlier chapters had gotten tax-exempt status by the IRS during the Bush administration in 2006. But it appears as though the Maine group’s rejection triggered a review of the entire organization, and Emerge America and all of its chapters had their tax-exempt status revoked. Emerge reincorporated with 527 status, which requires it to report its donors. 

    Here’s what director Karen Middleton has to say:
    Emerge America and its initial state programs were granted 501(c)(4) status by the IRS several years ago. Later, when a new state program applied for the same status, it was denied because Emerge works only with women who are in the Democratic Party, so the IRS determined this did not meet the definition of “social welfare” for the common good. We believed this denial triggered a review of the Emerge programs that had already been granted c4 status, and consequently those statuses were revoked. Becoming 527 organizations has not hurt our fundraising or organizational expansion – we report our donors and continue our work fully transparently.
    Again, the focus on Tea Party groups is wrong, but two-thirds of the groups reviewed had no Tea Party ties — and only a Democratic group had its status denied. This story is more politically complicated than the right lets on.

    Campaign Slut Culture Moment

    Some Culture for You

                Thanks to adreyopoetry for letting me print her poem and perceptions.

    The Campaign Slut

    by adreyopoetry

    Here’s to Justice
    She was loved
    Or at the very least
    To many bosoms
    Even when she
    Took fright
    At their smell
    We all stood on her
    As upon a platform
    Never noticing when she overdosed on
    Under the trampling influence
    Of our feet
    And died.
    We are thinking of resurrecting her
    Put some blusher on her cheeks
    And the old girl will be of use
    In all our campaigns
    She’s got game in her!