Saturday, September 14, 2013

Crowdsourcing creativity - The Campaign Slut TV Show

So, who wants to help launch this show? No, I'm not asking for money, but talent. I'm registering my treatment, then you can help with creating the pilot. Or mini-pilot. Two minutes? Ten? Half hour? Help me decide and help me find the right way to go. This will be fun.  First the No fracking no way Church of the Earth preacher lady taking the world by storm, with her No Fracking choir.

Then, who knows? Current as Newsroom, but openly political. Funny? Think Parks and Recreation only more so. Oh yeah. Serious? That too.

This is the story of a zany but practical campaign consultant and her merry band of campaigners, as they fight the good fight for their mostly underdog candidates. Do they have some real losers? They do, and some real winners, and as in everything politics, "it's complicated."

Send me your ideas.