Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Rocking the Slut Vote in Orange County

Campaign Slut met up with some of her sassy friends, male and female, at the California Democratic Party Executive Board meeting this weekend in Orange County.

Besides eating great Cuban food, being evacuated for still mysterious reasons, having great conversations in the hotel bar and meeting exceptional candidates and their supporters, I attended my first meeting this year for the 2014 Platform Committee, where I was appointed to head the Preamble Committee (Is it a preamble, an executive summary, both? Breath mint, candy mint?).  Also a shout out to the strong and persistent women of the Department of Peacemaking for getting the Leg. Committee and whole body to pass (finally) support for HR 808, Barbara Lee, calling for a Federal Department of Peacemaking!

A stirring tribute for Trayvon Martin and support for strong immigration reform were part of the program.

Sadly the Republicans picked up one more seat in the special Central Valley election yesterday.  Let's turn around the turn out for the next one, fellow Dems.