Saturday, May 13, 2017

Election in France

Having been in France for the second round of Presidential election, and reading accounts of the two main campaigners, Le Pen of the right, and Macron of the "center," I think this about the Hillary vs. Drumpf campaign. She needed to go where he went, speak out about his lies about bringing back jobs; talk to the workers face to face; show him up for the phony blowhard he is. "No, he is not bringing back and mines, the steel industry, the manufacturing plants." He wants you for his suckers. Don't do it. I won't lie to you." It might have worked.


Also interesting to learn from New Yorker article: door to door campaigning a new thing in France. Macron did it, and I hear Le Pen did too. Something to watch in the Parliamentary elections in June.


What you eat in Paris on Election Night:

Fromages et vin